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SunLouvre® is a new concept offering complete control over sunshine and rain. It is so versatile that it answers everyone’s needs: hotels, restaurants, spas or private homes. SunLouvre® is entirely built with high-quality aluminum. We offer customized products in order to maximize your space. SunLouvre® will then be in perfect harmony with your environment. A simple mechanism is linked to the adjustable rafters, giving the opportunity to adjust the degree of desired protection.

About us

A comfortable layout is a major need to perform our daily activities well Sun Louvre® is a roof construction system designed to provide comfort for it is flexible, you can simply open or close anytime, and suitable for every function and use of a room.

Both manual and remote operating system offer you easy access to rotate the blades to 90 degrees, allow you to protect and control air flow, sunray intensity or rain pouring into a room.

A simple and low maintenance roof construction with high quality powder coated aluminium, Sun Louvre® stands strong, beautifully and elegantly adds a striking architectural element to your living space and enhances a function of a room.

Sun Louvre® offers you added value into your layout and living space for it is fit for any purposes such as pergola, cafe, void, canopy, swimming pool, storage, working space, dry garden, corridor, garage, gazebo, vertical blind and many more architectural projects.

Modern design

High quality

Easy to install

Low maintenance

Easy to operate

Great after sales service

Product information

We provide Interesting Product innovation to relate and respond the needs of architects at present.

With their simple mechanism and their reliable and easy-to-manoeuver manual system, SunLouvre® transforms into a waterproof and robust roof once the rafters are completely closed.

Attached to a house or a building, one can take advantage of the system every season. In the summer, the closed position of the rafters protect from the sun by allowing areas of shade and more temperate weather. On the other hand, since the rafters are opened in winter, they will let the sunshine bring light and warmth.

Multiple applications of the SunLouvre® product such as self-supporting, attached, vertical panel and on existing structure to better meet your needs.


Powder coat paint

A simple mechanism is linked to the adjustable rafters, giving the opportunity to adjust the degree of desired protection.

Complete control over sunshine and rain.


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